A 100-Day innovation cycle to save lives and improve homeless systems

SPRINT OUtcomes (as of 7/31/19)


Our 100-Day sprint Goal

By July 31, 2019, we will house 16 of Eau Claire's highest need homeless individuals, thus increasing our system's monthly housing placement rate (HPR) by 370% 

Our Team  goal as purposefully aggressive and ambitious. Maybe even audacious. Why? Because the combination of a "stretch" goal plus a short timeline creates urgency and unleashes creativity and innovation.  We want to save lives and build a better system. On our way to achieving this Sprint goal, tested and implemented system improvements that will last long past the 100 days.  

During our two-day Action Lab, on April 8th and 9th, the Eau Claire Sprint Team worked on diagnosing system issues, designing new ways of working together, and drafted a workplan to implement and “pressure test” these new ideas over the next 100 days.  In addition to the overall 100-day goal,  the Design Team set four Subgoals (and assigned 4 subgoal teams), which are the primary drivers   needed to reach the Goal.

Sprint Media Contact: Libby Richter, Design Team Lead                   LibbyR@eauclaire.lib.wi.us

Sprint Outcomes

100-Day Sprint Goal - Outcome

Working together, during the Sprint the Team housed 13 individuals who were chronically homeless.  This is 81% of our goal (13 of 16) and represents a 282% increase in our monthly housing placement rate!! We are especially proud of the new partnerships and collaboration forged during the Sprint, which facilitated this significant acceleration in our monthly housing placement rate. 

SYstem changes and improvements

Just as important as the housing outcome, a huge part of our aim with the Sprint was to change the way we work together, in order to improve the homeless system overall--and for the long term.

New Eau Claire Landlord Support Program (EC-LSP)

One of the biggest challenges to finding housing for individuals who have been homeless is locating vacant units and "willing" landlords.  Due to their circumstances, many clients present  background issues that act as barriers (e.g., poor credit, eviction history, etc.).  The Sprint Team created the EC-LSP to offer incentives for landlords who rent to supportive housing clients:

  •  Risk Mitigation Funding 
  • "Ready to Rent" Certification Program

Expanded Partnerships to Accelerate Housing Placement

Be On the Lookout (BOLO) Network

Keeping track of individuals who are homeless can be challenging, and sometimes leads to missed opportunities for housing.  To help locate homeless individuals who are next in line for housing, the Sprint Team expanded the network of partners with permission to access client information, for the purpose of securing housing. Thirteen new partners were added to this "all hands on deck" effort to locate individuals and connect them to Western Dairyland (supportive housing provider) .  

System Navigation

Navigating the systems that are needed to provide the  documentation necessary for housing approval (e.g., disability determination, confirmation of homelessness, SSN) is also a major challenge for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. To mitigate this, the Sprint Team added three new partners to help expedite disability determination (Catholic Charities, Mayor Clinic, and Prevea Health Family Clinic).

In addition, the Sprint Team worked with Western Dairyland to update their "No Wrong Door" resource card, and printed over 4,000 copies (with support from Leadership Team member: the Pablo Foundation) for wide distribution.  Cards are available at multiple locations, including the downtown public library, Positive Avenues, and Western Dairyland. You can also download the No Wrong Door info below. 

download the "No wrong door" card